MHT is an online Assessment Platform that
enables you to screen and test your patients for
Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues.

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MHT’s benefits can be seen at the patient, clinician, and medical director levels. Our solutions also provides a path to additional revenues for clinics, which can be used to improve facilities, breadth of solutions, and the number of staff available to the patients.

Medical Director

Medical Director

MHT proactively provides Assessment Activity Reports for the entirety of a clinic, which aide in the following areas:

1. Quickly identify high-risk patients

2. Implement quality of care initiatives

3. Manage clinician performance & best practice

4. Efficient patient identification for advanced treatment options such as TMS and Spravato

Increase revenue on a per patient basis through the use of established CPT codes


Providers receive assessment results ahead of clinical encounters, which is then documented and graphed in each individual patients’ chart.

1. This provides the following utility: Improve efficiency for each encounter

2. Track clinical outcomes for each patient

3. Quantify your patients progress with reliable metrics

“MHT’s user-friendly interface allows us to efficiently test and track our patients through TMS therapy. Additionally, the staff is always readily available to assist when needed!” – Justin Gammill, TMS Clinical Therapy, Texas

Medical Director
Medical Director


MHT allows patients to complete digital assessments at their convenience, either at the doctor’s office or electronically from wherever they’d like:

1. Ability to share test results with different medical audiences, such as family doctor, therapist or specialist.

2. Ability to objectively track progress over time

3. Objective confirmation of diagnosis

Why this Matters

  • Approximately 1 in 5 adolescents and adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in a given year
  • 19.7 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2017 – SAMHSA
  • Nearly one in three adolescents and teenagers meet criteria for an anxiety disorder by the age of 18 – Polaris Teen Center

Award Winning

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What People Are Saying

“Getting a convenient and flexible way to properly screen patients regarding their Mental Health has really added to the level of patient care that we provide.  The MHT platform is easy to use and the MHT team has been great to work with.  We also are now qualifying those patients in need to receive assistance from our TelePsych partner as well.  Overall, it has been a great partnership.”

Tushar Mehta, Owner-Broadway Medical Center (Melrose Park, IL)

“MHT has allowed The PsyClinic to objectively track our patient population’s progress through treatment, at both the patient and provider level, via electronic psychometric testing.   MHT has been a great partner and they have been there for us whenever we had a question or needed to train new staff”

Dr. Sarah ElSadre, Clinic Director, The PsyClinic (Houston, Texas)

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